The Ku & Co. Wirtschaftskanzlei assists customers in establishing a branch in Germany or in receiving a tax number for an undertaking in another member state.

Establishment of a branch [Niederlassung]: EUR 3.000-.

Receiving a tax number: EUR 2.000-.

In fact, in case of both versions, it is a question of a company established in another

country becoming a legal entity in Germany, as the difference between these two forms is only in the name. The following documents will be required for the administrative arrangements from the parent company in both cases:

  • Resolution
  • Articles of association
  • Commercial register excerpt/ Certificate of good standing
  • (not older than 30 days)
  • Specimen signature
  • Tax residence certificate issued by the national tax and customs administration
  • Shareholders´ resolution regarding the tax number/ branch establishment
  • Identity documents and the residence card of the parent company´s members/ general managers

A certified German translation of all these documents will be required in order to start the founding process, whereas the personal appearance of the managing director of the parent company is also essential, since it is them who will have to sign the necessary documents with the notary and will act in connection with the opening of the bank account as well.

Additional certificates the German tax office may request (and most often it requests when establishing a Niederlassung):

  • The specific place of work in Germany and the presentation of the factual agreement to that effect
  • The precise description of the activity in Germany and the presentation of the timeline required for its implementation
  • The identity documents, the labour agreements and the certificates of their insurance status, should there be any employees working in Germany
  • Contract with a German client or partner company regarding the execution of the works in question
  • The foreman engineer´s/ expert´s qualifications/ skills attestation by official documents in case of special expertise requiring task performance
  • Webshops

When filling for a tax number, the Finanzamt, i.e. the tax and revenue office, may request certificates related to orders from Germany carried out up to this point from mother country which establish the application for the tax number, proving that, indeed, the company in question has such a quantity of orders from Germany, which makes the procurement of the German tax number necessary.

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