The purchase price of the entirely VAT – registered Ready-Made romanian Company. revolves around EUR 4,900 and their transcription takes about 2 weeks. Get in touch with US HERE

There have been significant changes recently within the area of VAT registration in Romania, which make the establishment of VAT – based LLCs rather difficult. The solution for this is buying a ready – made VAT – registered LLC, a so-called Romanian Shelf Company! Our office regularly searches for companies for sale, which we then sell on to our customers.

These companies are not ready – made entities, that is, they are not founded by our office with the aim of selling them on. These are existing, multi – annual businesses, set out to be sold, whereas our office relays them to interested customers. For the companies themselves the sellers, that is, the managing directors of the LLCs, assume the guarantee, which is materialised by a letter of guarantee.

Ready Made german company for sale, VAT Registered Hungarian Shelf Company for sale, and Ready Made Company Poland at Ku&Co.

The customer needs to travel twice to our office in Oradea in order to implement the transcription. The first time the client needs to sign the acceptance agreement before the notary, whereas the second time the customer has to travel thereto in order to take over the corporate bank account.

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