Our German company formation services

If you are thinking of starting a company in Germany, but are unfamiliar with the German law or you would need help due to language difficulties, contact our company confidently! We undertake German headquartered companies´, German Ltd.s´ (commercial GmbH) initiation, as well as the full administration of the change of the company´s legal form. 

You can profit from our following services:

GmbH Registration

Bank account opening

Virtual Office in Berlin

VAT Nr. in Germany

Branch Office in Germany

Ready Made Company


We have customers from all economic areas, from the construction industry, to motor vehicle trade, up to provision of services!

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Why choose the German company formation services of Ku & Co Wirtschaftskanzlei?

Complete and high-quality German company formation – Starting with the formation, up to bank account opening, via headquarters service, we carry out the entire administration with great professional experience and precision!

At Ku & Co, our customers can buy ready-made German companies with a V.A.T. number and a bank account with a letter of guarantee. Other European V.A.T. registered companies are also available here!

Reliability, efficiency and experience! In the field of company formation, the team of Ku & Co. Wirtschaftskanzlei has over 10 years of experience! We offer reliable and personalised services, be it any matter related to company registration!

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Conditions and process of company formation in Germany

Learn more about the steps of starting a business in Germany, the documentation required and the process of starting a business.

Company formation in Germany

Before and during company registration they provide complete information, coordinating all legally relevant steps as required and supervise in order to make the formation of your company as smooth as possible and in accordance with the German law.


Our main focus lies on having constant and personal contact with our customers, for in this way we are able to know much better:


  • your needs, goals and ideas
  • the context and the potential of your business
  • and in which economic sector you would like to do business.


All this information helps us to provide you with more effective and efficient business advice.

After choosing the appropriate company form, we undertake to establish your company in Germany. Furthermore, we take on to fulfill the following administrative tasks accordingly:


  • we will make an appointment with the notary in advance, as in Germany the articles of association need to be notarised
  • according to the profile of the company to be established we prepare and obtain the necessary documents and permits
  • in the course of the notarial or the official administration process we provide a state certified and sworn interpreter who knows the client’s mother tongue
  • as part of our headquarters service, we also offer to mediate headquarters for your company in Germany
  • we help our customers make appointment at the bank in opening a business account
  • we recommend an accountant for your company.


Virtual Office

140 EUR/month
Berlin Virtual Office
Secretarial Services
1 hour per month Office use  


1500 EUR
1 Euro Ltd
Notarial administration
Bank account opening

Buy Shelf Company in Germany

As a pledge of fast and efficient administration, Ku & Co. Wirtschaftskanzlei sells ready-made companies:

Ready – made GmbH (Limited Liability Company): EUR 10,000

Ready – made UG (entrepreneurial company): EUR 7,500

+ notation costs about EUR 1,000

Each of our ready – made offered businesses disposes of:

tax number

VAT registration

EU VAT number

bank account

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