Our office offers a registered address to its clients in Berlin, the capital of Germany. The main advantage of our headquarters service is that it is registered with the tax office as a WHITELIST address. What does this mean?

From the foreign business environment our customers surely know about the pitfalls of headquarters services and are aware of the fact that most service providers in other countries register thousands of businesses to one address, including countless phantom companies. Therefore, the tax office treats all businesses which share the headquarters of dummy corporations as high risk companies.

On the one hand, Ku & Co. Wirtschaftskanzlei selects its customers, providing an actual office environment for the companies registered here, i.e. about 10 smaller offices have been set up in a 120 m² space. We also have a main meeting room, a kitchen, as well as toilet facilities in line with the expectations and requirements, respectively. Each of our offices is equipped with office furniture and internet access is also available for our customers. Despite their size, some offices provide up to 3 – 4 office seats, making them also suitable for a group collaboration.

KuCo provides services for foreigners as company registration in Germany, we have Ready Made german companies for sale, German Shelf companies, but you can buy from us several other EU-LLC-s:

Ready-Made Shelf company Poland, Shelf company Romania for sale, Hungarian Shelf company for sale at the best price!

Managing our clients´ letters means we scan them on request and forward them by e-mail to the address previously provided by our customers. During working hours, i.e. between 8 A.M. and 4 P.M., employees of the tax authority or any other bureaus may pay a visit to our address where we keep our clients´ company documents or copies of them, allowing their presentation to the representatives of the authorities.

So, if our customers would like a whitelist address, they should choose Ku & Co. headquarters services in Berlin, for a monthly fee of EUR 120-. High-quality and discreet headquarters service in the capital, Berlin.

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