Our office also offers Polish Shelf companies for sale! These ready – made companies are established by our office in the interest of making the life of those who want to do business in Poland easier, by offering the acquisition of EU VAT number disposing ready – made LLCs, the transcription time of which takes approximately 3-4 weeks! CONTACT US

In the case of founding a new Polish company, the allocation of the EU VAT number is difficult in some cases, as the tax office would delay its allocation! In some cases, it may take up several months, clerks referring to the considerable amount of work, etc.

The price of a ready – made venture amounts to EUR 5,000, which also includes the notation costs. Only once do our customers have to travel to Wroclaw, in order to sign the acceptance documents. The change is carried out within approximately two weeks and the new owner may then start working with the Polish LLC!

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Contact our colleague regarding the acquisition of Polish enterprises and enquire about our available our EU number disposing ready – made companies!

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