Our office applies for the German tax number for newly registered german companies completely free of charge! However, our customers need to know that this is a very slow process, as the allocation of the tax number is the result of a long bureaucratic procedure, which in each case depends on the tax office. Thats why we recommend to buy a Shelf Company in Germany from KuCo, Please see our German Company for sale offert.

A newly formed company will be registered in 2 – 3 weeks and only then can its general manager request the tax number from the competent Finanzamt. In our experience, it takes several months of administration until a new company obtains a tax number and may start its activity. The tax office would send a questionnaire to the manager, containing several questions. Our office´s representative will receive that information during a conversation with the manager of the company, which is necessary in order to fill out the questionnaire, so we arrange for it to be completed and we will submit the finished document to the appropriate department of the Finanzamt. However, processing is rather slow, the mills of the bureaucratic machinery in Germany grind quite slowly, so new company founders must be patient until the company receives a tax number.

Contrary to the Bavarian practice, i.e. Munich and its surroundings, the tax office in Berlin does not require from the managing director to have a German address.

Contract conclusion without a tax number

The moment the newly established company receives the company registration number, it is already entitled to conclude contracts, being also able to start operations within the German territory. However, it may not issue invoices yet or may do so, only if the company’s partner agrees to book the invoice of a company without a tax number. In this case, the company manager only enters the company´s registration number on the invoice and writes that it is a business without a tax number.

Accepting this invoice by the business partner is a fortunate case, as most German companies reject such invoices. If, on the other hand, the entrepreneur succeeds, then, when the tax number arrives, he will have to rewrite the previously issued invoice, featuring the tax number. However, this accounting practice is not typical for the German business environment. Nevertheless, some accept it.

Tax number

EU V.A.T. number management

V.A.T. registration in Germany via our office

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