The Ku & Co. Wirtschaftskanzlei offers our customers EU tax number already possessing Belgian ventures!

The easiest way to do business in Belgium is buying a ready – made company, which already disposes of the EU VAT number for EU VAT – free trade, as the transcription of a ready-made company to the new owner takes only a few business days.

Of course, our office gives a guarantee certificate for every ready – made LLCs! A one – time outbound is required for the business transfer when the customer signs the acceptance documents before the notary and either takes over the company’s existing bank account or opens a new one for the company in another bank. KuCo Special German Shelf Company Offer: Company for sale in Germany!

Necessary data

  • identity card copy
  • address card copy
  • determination of the activities

The purchase price of a ready – made Belgian LLC amounts to EUR 5,000 + the transfer costs of about EUR 200 + the headquarters tax.

Headquarters tax starting EUR 140/ month

Accounting tax starting EUR 150/ month.

A one – time trip is definitely needed to Belgium, when our clients countersign the company founding or purchasing documents before the notary. We have more options for our customers in terms of headquarters, as we have registered addresses in several cities.

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