Why buy a Ready Made GmbH in Berlin?

Buying a german Ready Made company in Berlin – Brandenburg is worth, because here we won’t experience the difficulties we would in the southern provinces, in Bavaria, for example, where in case of business manager/ owner transfer, in most cases, the tax and revenue office cancels the tax number. This strategy is unknown in Berlin, so if a Hungarian or a foreign entrepreneur from any other country would like to acquire a company, then the Finanzamt [the German tax and revenue office] will not interrupt the proceedings by blocking its tax number.

We, Ku – Co Wirtschaftskanzlei, specializing in German company formation, have already had a number of clients, who initiated the purchase of a GmbH [German LLC] in Munich and had to face the fact that the company’s tax number ceased to exist after change registration, meaning no operation initiation was possible. The Munich tax and revenue office considered the new foreign director to be a risk, so they ordered an investigation, during which various data, documents and a business plan were requested from the new managing director, which was a condition of a several months´ ordeal in the labyrinth of tax number recovery.

Such a problem can be a nightmare for any businessman to whom starting operations in Germany as soon as possible is of vital importance. This is why, lately, many people have been avoiding regions where cancelling the tax number has become customary when a business is acquired by a foreign executive. To avoid such difficulties, a good alternative may be the acquisition of a Berlin GmbH, where our office has never experienced tax number cancellation during a business transfer

If you are looking for a German shelf company for sale and you want a smooth and fast administration, then choose the Ku – Co Wirtschaftskanzlei consulting office, where several companies for sale are awaiting their new owners and along with the Berlin administration customers do not have to fear that their acquired company loses its tax number on the go.


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