Company transfer doesn’t work everywhere! You may lose your tax number!

In the last 1 – 2 years, the court of registration has introduced the strategy in several provinces to verify the identity of the new member/ executive director in the event of a change of ownership and in the light of this, they decide whether the tax number may or may not be kept. It is common knowledge that in the last years a number of economic services offering offices have begun to sell ready – made German companies and exactly this strategy´s smooth running is intended to be undermined by the mentioned investigation. In the Bavarian area, being the most popular among East-EU business men, in most cases, the court of registration reviews the transfer requests and if they consider that someone is looking to buy a company especially for the easier access to the tax number, the company’s tax number will be erased and it will need to be re-apply the TAX Number for by the new owner. Yet, this solution does not prevail only in Bavaria, they prefer to block the tax number in the event of an acquisition or purchase in other provinces, such as Baden – Württemberg, North Rhine – Westphalia and Saxony as well.

This is why foreigners entrepreneurs need to think twice, to either venture into the German business in the most accessible southern areas or rather look for a more entrepreneur – friendly location.

Upon the experience of several offices we may state that the Berlin – Brandenburg and the Schleswig – Holstein areas have it exponentially easier for a foreign entrepreneur, whether they want to buy an already existing GmbH [limited liability company] or an UG [entrepreneurial company], for here the case is not stalled by the fact that the court of registration automatically orders the due diligence of the new managing director, but the acquisition of a ready – made company is achieved unproblematically, thus the buyer, after the official 2 week registration period, may already start operating the acquired company and its tax number.
The same is valid for bank accounts. Due to the growing number of abuses, several banks have introduced customer due diligence. Yet, there are still banks for which a customer – friendly policy applies.

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