The 5 Best European Countries for Business Expansion

Companies that truly want to grow eventually get to the point where they need to consider expanding to other countries. Foreign markets offer an abundance of opportunities for those who want to expand by establishing a branch.

It all starts with researching different markets so that you can determine which one is the best country to expand to. In Europe, there are many locations where the economy is blossoming, making them an absolute breeding ground for businesses.

Let’s see which are the 5 best countries in Europe to expand to!


We are going to start with the most powerful economy in Europe, which is Germany. With its huge population, it also offers a huge target audience for any business. Not to mention that it is located in the heart of Europe, which makes it easier to expand to.

Small to medium businesses basically form the backbone of Germany’s economy. Whether it is about technology, pharmaceutics, financial services or automotive, a lot of industries are constantly growing. Plenty of well-trained individuals can be found there who make great employees.

This is mainly thanks to the thorough training and education that Germany is well-known of. German company formation!

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the business climate is buzzing. This country has a long history specializing in international trade. It cannot be emphasized enough how many great opportunities there are for future businesses.

The location of Netherlands opens you the door to many different markets in of itself. Dealing with America, Europe and Asia-Pacific is pretty straightforward for businesses that are located there. There is also an abundance of skilled individuals who are increasingly proficient in English.

Its whole population is open-minded, making it easier than ever to introduce new ideas and products to the market. The government is outstanding at welcoming and supporting foreign businesses.


Many of us remember how bad the 2008 economic collapse was for Ireland. Well, they have put in some serious effort since then and became one of the fastest growing economies. This is mainly thanks to the support Ireland consistently gave to enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Small and medium businesses can benefit from a corporate tax rate of only 12.5%. There is also a governmental organization called Enterprise Ireland that helps companies grow. Financial aid and government programs not only apply to local businesses but foreign ones as well.


According to Forbes, Sweden was the best country for startups back in 2017. As an entrepreneur, finding out that the VAT and tax rates there are pretty high doesn’t make it seem like a great place to start. The first advantage is that registering a business there is simple.

There, it takes only a couple of weeks until the registration gets processed. Paying as much as 1900-2200 SEK and applying already gets you through most of the complications involved with starting a business. Moreover, Sweden is economically stable and does its best to make its companies self-sustaining and successful.

Many popular and well-developed industries belong there. It provides free economy, open market and plenty of welfare support. The reason behind its tax rates being so high is its ability to redistribute and keep valuable social programs going.


The two main things that characterize Norway are economical and political stability. The collapse that happened in 2008 has almost not affected this country at all. It is also where GDP per capita has skyrocketed in the past years.

For entrepreneurs, this means that target audiences have plenty of money to spend. With so many open-minded people, it is the best place to introduce new products and technologies. There is also an abundance of well-educated individuals especially in the IT field.

Corruption there is almost non-existent and they made it easy for entrepreneurs to establish new businesses. All you need to do is to register online and start selling.

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